Take a trip down
memory lane

We started with one goal back in 2012: to create fun events that we would enjoy doing. Since then, we have continued growing and investing in our events. We have also started bringing on fun-loving, hardworking people! We are excited for where we are, but even more excited for what’s to come!

Early Years

In summer of 2012, Courtney and Erik decided it was time to create some fun. The company was formally born and scheduled their first event.

The Great Pumpkin Run

October 27, 2012 was our first event. Although the weather couldn't have been worse, we had a blast. Better yet, the participants loved it! We were onto something...


Over the next few years, we added more locations for The Great Pumpkin Run and also introduced events like The Cheddar Challenge, The Hard Cider Run, Bunny Hop, and more.


While we loved all the events we produced, it was ultimately decided that we'd focus a lot of our attention on growing The Great Pumpkin Run. A lot of attention was put on growing both the event as a whole and also making the brand strong.

Hello, Gourdy's Pumpkin Run

In early 2020, we moved offices from Chicago to NYC. Around that time, we introduced Gourdy as the new namesake for The Great Pumpkin Run. As 2020 slowly unravelled, we focused on growing our ever-popular Virtual Run while also introducing Gobbles' Free Range 5K!


2020 threw us apples, so we made apple cider! We're taking that same positivity into 2021 and are already getting plans underway to make it the best year yet. Stay tuned...

We never get tired
of coming to work

I mean how could we? We have the best of both worlds.


Outdoor Office

A good amount of our time is spent on gorgeous farms, orchards, and parks setting up events. If you can tough it outdoors regardless of the weather, you might be a good fit with us!


Remote Office

After many years in Chicago, Sour Fish Events has evolved into a true work from wherever company. We have a small office in NYC as well as one coming to Nashville later this year. But we embrace the idea of working where you're most productive!

Meet the Team

Courtney Young

Co-founder of SFE, Courtney wanted to start a company that she believed in and was passionate about. A runner since age 12, there was no question she wanted to be involved in the scene and make a career out of it!

Favorite Spot in NYC: Central Park. Normally this would probably be a favorite bar or restaurant, but since I haven’t been able to find one due to them all being closed… I choose Central Park. It’s a huge oasis so you can always find a new corner to explore.

Go to Song: Anything Taylor Swift. Happy? She’s got a song for that. Need to run to something? There’s one for that. Stressed out and sad? There’s one for that too.

Favorite memory at SFE: Too many to choose. But honestly, that first year on the road was incredible. I loved just learning as we went along!

Perfect pizza: Thin crust with hot peppers and pineapple. Tavern style. OR a giant slice of cheese at like 3am, but I think those days are behind me.

Drink of choice: New England Style IPA. No question.

Erik Young

Co-Founder of Sour Fish Events, Erik helped start the company in 2012 as a non-runner and has grown into a semi-kinda-runner over the years. That happens when you go to dozens of running events throughout each year! Beyond his love/hate relationship with the sport, he is an avid fan of The Office, loves his coffee black, and digs spending lots of time with his pup, Millie.


Favorite spot in NYC? I’m new here and moved at a pretty terrible time. But, I have now ordered beer to-go from Torch & Crown. They are a brand new brewery that was supposed to open right when the Covid-19 outbreak occurred. They quickly delayed the opening of the taproom and started on-demand delivery. While I am supporting them through that for now, I look forward to visiting once it’s safe out there!


Go-to song? Although I’ve been known to listen to ”elevator music” at work, my go-to song to get me pumped during a run is Levels by Avicii.


Favorite memory at Sour Fish Events? The kneejerk reaction is to mention one of the many crazy things that have happened at one of our events. But, I think my favorite would be after our first GPR of fall 2019. We had a lot of new Finterns with us and it was our first time partnering with another company to help produce an event. A lot of work went into it and we knew that event would be telling of how the rest of the fall would go. It was an amazing event and I remember driving back to Chicago after being so grateful for the rockstar team we would have that season.


What’s your perfect pizza? Thin crust with a spicy red sauce topped with hot peppers and quality cured Italian meat. And keeping with my Midwest roots, don’t forget the ranch on the side.


It’s happy hour. What’s your drink of choice? A hazy IPA.

Millie the Office Manager

Two eyes. Two ears. A chin. A mouth. Four legs. Four kneecaps. Three hip joints. One bark. A lot of sleep. I just described to you Millie, the office dog. Millie enjoys hanging out at the office with us almost every day. Sun bathing as the light shines in through the windows is a favorite pastime of hers, always working on that tan! Don’t be too surprised if she barks when you visit, she just wants you to know she’s there and needs attention.

Want to create amazing events with us?

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